Tips For Choosing An After-School Child Care Program

In this day and age, most families have two working parents, so child care is often needed after school is released. Thus, parents need to find after-school child care programs that meet their needs. Luckily, most towns and cities have multiple after-school child care options, so it is just a matter of narrowing down the choices and selecting the right one. Once a great after-school program is found, many parents use the same one year after year until their children are old enough to safely stay home alone. Read More 

Look For These Signs Of Positive Physical Development During Your Child’s Daycare

As a child progresses through the months at daycare, it's easy to be focused on his or her emotional development. For example, you might notice if your child is better at following instructions or playing cooperatively. While emotional development is certainly important and is something that will continue to build as your child gets older, you should also note how he or she is developing physically. Conscientious daycare operators do a lot to encourage the physical development of their children, so you should be aware of these signs that your son or daughter is developing healthily. Read More