Tips For Choosing An After-School Child Care Program

In this day and age, most families have two working parents, so child care is often needed after school is released. Thus, parents need to find after-school child care programs that meet their needs. Luckily, most towns and cities have multiple after-school child care options, so it is just a matter of narrowing down the choices and selecting the right one. Once a great after-school program is found, many parents use the same one year after year until their children are old enough to safely stay home alone. Use the following tips to help you choose an after-school child care program for your kids:

Quality of Staff

One of the first things you should think about when choosing an after-school child care program is the staff that is employed. A good after-school child care program will employ highly trained professionals that have undergone background checks and hold fingerprint clearance cards. It is not uncommon for some after-school child care programs to require that at least some of the staff be CPR and first aid certified. When an after-school child care program takes the time to hire high-quality employees, there is a good chance that your child will be in good hands.

Program Schedule

Most parents want their children to attend after-school child care programs that are enriching. When looking at different after-school child care programs, always ask about the daily schedule that the program follows. A lot of parents want a program where their kids will be helped with their homework before they begin doing different types of activities that are grade-level appropriate. Don't forget to ask about snacks -- most kids are pretty hungry by the time they get out of school, so an after-school child care program should have a dedicated time when healthy snacks are served.


Most families have a budget, so the price of an after-school child care program will be a factor. If you need after-school care for your kids, contact several after-school programs to inquire about pricing. Some programs may offer a discount for siblings, which can make enrollment more affordable for families with several kids. When requesting price quotes, make sure you know exactly what is included as well as how long the program runs after school each day. It is important to choose a program that has hours that can accommodate your family's schedule. 

To learn more about after-school child care programs, consult a resource in your area.