Look For These Signs Of Positive Physical Development During Your Child’s Daycare

As a child progresses through the months at daycare, it's easy to be focused on his or her emotional development. For example, you might notice if your child is better at following instructions or playing cooperatively. While emotional development is certainly important and is something that will continue to build as your child gets older, you should also note how he or she is developing physically. Conscientious daycare operators do a lot to encourage the physical development of their children, so you should be aware of these signs that your son or daughter is developing healthily.

Improved Hand Dexterity

One of the easiest ways to tell that your child is experiencing positive physical development is seeing that his or her hand dexterity is improving while going through daycare. For example, certain toys are challenging for younger children because they lack the ability to manipulate the pieces with their hands. Through practice — much of which can come in the daycare environment — your child should begin to have more success in playing with toys that were previously a challenge. This can be a sign that your child is getting plenty of opportunities to use different toys while at daycare, as well as the advice and encouragement from the staff.

Better Balance

Many daycare-aged children lack balance, and may frequently weave their way awkwardly around the room when they walk and falling more than you'd like to see. Poor balance is often part of the childhood experience, but this is something that you want to see your child improve upon as he or she gets older. Daycare can often help children with their balance, both by providing physical games that encourage good balance and by creating a safe physical environment in which children won't get hurt should they fall.

More Spatial Awareness

You'll also see signs that your child is improving his or her spatial awareness as the weeks and months progress through the daycare year. Spatial awareness is something with which many young children struggle. For example, a child may run so fast that he or she cannot navigate an upcoming turn or a change in the terrain, resulting in a tumble. The daycare instructors will work with your child and his or her peers to develop spatial awareness — an integral component of positive physical development. Over time, your child will be able to be more aware of his or her surroundings and make the physical changes that are necessary.

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