Helping Your Child Through Preschool

Sending your child off to school is a bittersweet moment. While you are proud of them for starting their educational journey, you obviously also realize that they're growing up fast and that they are taking a step that changes things forever. This is beginning sooner than before because parents and educators are increasingly understanding the importance of preschool. If you have a preschooler, you will need to give them every chance to thrive. You can help your child by using these strategies. 

Make sure your child is at a great preschool with excellent teachers

You'll be better able to give your child a head-start when you send them to an awesome preschool. This means taking time to research as much as you can so that they're exposed to great teachers that can help them throughout these formative years. Make sure their preschool has high standards, small classroom sizes, and a solid philosophy. While one preschool might adhere to the Waldorf method, another might prefer the Montessori method. Tuition for your child's preschool year can cost $4,500 and higher, so choose the right school to know your child is getting all of the benefits. 

Get involved in your child's learning

Teachers can't do it all — it's always a two-way street. As a parent, you need to help your child with each lesson so that the learning sticks. Don't wait for the higher grades in school for your child to have homework — even if they have no assignments, take it upon yourself to give your child some work. Use flashcards and play games with them so that they can keep up with classwork. This also builds wonderful school habits that will last. Further, be sure that you go to PTA nights and conferences, and stay in touch with the teachers and principals. 

Send your child to school ready to succeed

Finally, your child will be better off when they have a rock-solid foundation at home. Make sure that they get their 11 hours of sleep in a comfortable bed. Cut back on the sugar, and feed your child healthy food so that they have the best brain function. You can even help your child with their calmness and mental performance by introducing them to meditation and other calming practices. Taking an active role means your child will be prepared when they get ready for preschool each morning. 

Use these tips to help your child with their preschool education.