Potty Training And Daycare – How Do You Do It?

One of the most challenging milestones in a toddler's life is potty training. This can become especially challenging when the child is in daycare. Do you have a toddler in daycare that is approaching this great milestone? If so, you can find a few tips that can help your child succeed while transitioning between daycare and home each day.

How do you know when your toddler is ready to start potty training?

The best tips for knowing if your toddler is ready is to watch for these signs:

  • Dry diapers for longer than 2 hours
  • Interested in the potty
  • Can tell you when he or she has to go
  • Dirty diapers bother him or her
  • Wants to wear underwear
  • Doesn't wet during the night
  • Has semi-predictable dirty diapers

If your toddler is showing a few of these signs, it may be time to begin introducing him or her to the potty.

How do you introduce potty training?

There are many fun ways to introduce your toddler to the idea of potty training.

  1. Potty Shopping – There are a number of adorably cute potty designs for little ones these days. Some of these potties play music when the toddler successfully uses them, while others are simply designed to spark the interest of the toddler. Take your toddler out shopping for a new potty and let him or her choose the one that they like most.
  2. Purchase Underwear – Again, there are so many designs of toddler's underwear. Allow your toddler to choose the designs that he or she likes most. When your toddler successfully uses the potty, put a pair of his or her favorite underwear on.
  3. Read Books – Visit the local library to find some wonderfully written and illustrated to capture the interest of young ones while teaching them all about potty training. Read these books at night and before heading off to daycare to inspire your toddler to use the potty.

Tip: Talk with your child's daycare provider to learn what methods are used in the center. If you do not share the same training methods as the person that cares for your child during the day, your toddler could become confused and have a more difficult time succeeding.

These are just a couple tips that could help you get your toddler started with potty training at home and in daycare. Lots of kids accomplish this task while in daycare, so don't allow the additional challenge stop you from trying. Chances are, other kids in daycare are already wearing big girl or boy underwear which can spark the interest of your toddler and help drive their desire to get out of diapers sooner.