Montessori School: Is It Best For Your Child With Asperger Syndrome?

When you are a parent of a child with Asperger's, you know that the environment in which your child goes to school is highly important because your child has difficultly with social interactions and requires strict and rigid schedules and routines to function comfortably in their life. Because of the needs associated with Asperger syndrome, you wonder what pre-kindergarten school will work best for you and your child. When trying to figure out which programs will help your child adjust to school life, you may want to consider Montessori school programs.

Montessori Schools Have Low Teacher-To-Student Ratios

Montessori schools are built on a teaching philosophy that is child-centered and offers hands-on and interactive teaching and learning. As such, the ratio between teacher and student is low.

This means that your child will receive more individual attention and assistance. Once your child with Asperger syndrome comes to know and trust their teacher(s), they will be able to then learn within a structured and nurturing environment.

Montessori Schools Provide Routine And Schedules

As you already know, your child with Asperger syndrome functions at their best when they feel they know what is coming in their day. They prefer to adhere to a rigid schedule so that their day is structured and planned.

Montessori schools provide just such an environment for students. They provide structured schedules that provide predictability and stability for your child. This eases your child's anxiety and stress about their day to day activities allowing them to focus more on the tasks at hand rather than an unpredictable routine.

Montessori Schools Focus On Building Social Skills

While Montessori schools are excellent at helping students learn academic subjects, motor skills, and the like, they are also focused on developing and building social skills. One of the challenges that come to children with Asperger syndrome is developing appropriate social skills.

Interacting with other children at the same age or even adults can be difficult for children with Asperger's. However, a Montessori education helps children to develop the self-esteem and communication skills necessary to be able to interact appropriately with their peers and with teachers and other authority figures.

As you can see, a Montessori education at a school like Kindergarten Colwell Nursery School has a great deal to offer your child with Asperger syndrome. Not only will your child get individual attention, but they will also be able to maintain a strict schedule and learn both academics and social skills in a safe and inclusive environment.